Luke 24:13-32
This is Jesus heartburn(I have to credit Dallas Willard for this term!)...31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight. 32 They asked each other, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"

Friday, December 31, 2010

950. a night of prayer and keeping watch for the new year
951. the arrival of our newest staff member
952. an hour spend holding a child while she slept
953. pepe soup
954. "trust in the Lord! trust in the Lord! trust in the Lord!"
955. another year of life for the caring, trusting, beautiful woman who is my mom! Love you!
956. the confusion that causes my stomach to hurt and the sleep to flee and me to pray anew
957. friends to talk me through it
958. the encouraging word at just the right time
959. another fall and no broken bones
960. "i come with pain, but I go with joy."
961. "see you next year"
962. all things are made new
963. spending New Year's Eve 6 time zones away from home...that means if I'm home next year for New Year's Eve I'll have an extra 12 hours this year...right!?!?
964. there should be fireworks tonight
965. Monday is a holiday too
966. dancing lizards
967. wedding pictures...was it only a year ago
968. scissors returned
969. plans for what's next
970. fresh pinneapple
971. being cool enough last night to sleep under the quilt
972. I. wearing snowpants to bed tonight
973. my SP gals who continue to pray and love on me
974. financial gifts that keep me here
975. electricity
976. new floors
977. getting caught up on emails
978. laughter of children
979. facing fear
980. five suitcases
981. no more goat crying all night long
982. watching kids movies
983. Aunty Musa
984. Aunty Geraldine
985. having enough
986. please don't go
987. confusion over why the new uncle is black not white
988. music all night long
989. a chance to teach
990. text messages
991. hearing Kj sing and Lydia laugh
992. days that pass quickly and full
993. Z. sneaking in to see Aunty Jessie
994. another Christmas Card from home
995. my journal
996. not being alone on New Year's Eve
997. a couch to rest on
998. bananas from up country
999. getting to 999...what will I do next?
1000. a new year, a chance to start anew and see what God will do next
As 2010 comes to a close I think back an realize how crazy this year has been...My baby sister got married, I turned 30, put my house on the market, quit my job, got a beautiful new neice, found myself spending every spare moment with a wonderful man, and moved to Africa! I've lived in 4 different houses, had 6 different house/room mates, crossed the Atlantic 3 times, attempted to learn a new language, learned over 200 new names and faces, and drank more coke than ever before. It's been a year of change...a year of realizing who my true friends are...a year of laughter and lots of tears...a year full of see-ya-later and "we welcome you". I've learned that sometimes when God grants the dreams of your heart it doesn't look like you've always imagined and it's not easy; that gratefulness far surpasses noticing all the junk around you; that the constant conversation with God and the people that He puts in my life is the only way to survive. I'm trying to learn to be present in what is now, with who is now, and with where I am now instead of running ahead but my head is filled with hopes and dreams for what's next!
Whew! I wonder what 2011 will bring!