Luke 24:13-32
This is Jesus heartburn(I have to credit Dallas Willard for this term!)...31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight. 32 They asked each other, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I wish I had had my video camera today! I would have loved to capture our fun at the center this afternoon. After church, the children moved their chairs into a giant circle and we had dancing, skits, and memory verses. I spent 2 hours laughing at the goofy dance moves and smiling at their pure enjoyment. These children have so much fun with 2 drums and a good beat. And we have some very good dancers.

Often on Sunday's in the past weeks the kids have watched football or a movie on TV, but this week, the TV broke! It was quite the crazy time at the center. I was in my office and heard a huge crash and then everything went insane. There were kids shouting and running upstairs. They were screaming at each other and the staff, as if a major catastrophe had happened. And in a way it did. No one was hurt, which was amazing because about 10 minutes after it happened one of the staff came to me and asked what to do…clean up the glass was my response…I didn't say duh but I wanted to. They hadn't thought of that yet. Of course the boy who was rocking the TV back and forth on the shelf (it was a big TV) just to see what might happen when it fell, said he had nothing to do with it. Everyone that was in the room was screaming his name so I'm sure he did have everything to do with it. I had to keep him in my office for a while for his own protection. No punishment though…it seems that having 80 children and 35 staff upset with you is enough of a consequence!

So, with no TV, we danced and sang! In my opinion that was a much better way to spend the afternoon anyway!