Luke 24:13-32
This is Jesus heartburn(I have to credit Dallas Willard for this term!)...31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight. 32 They asked each other, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Betty and Moses
Today it finally happened. Lucy and Moses were moved to the center! I held Moses for the first time last September, when we came to set up the orphanage. He's the baby in the video on this blog. I was so overwhelmed today when I got to hold that precious little one again. They say he is 3 but I would guess he's not much more than two. In September I held him for hours and hours one day until I thought my arms were going to fall off. Today it seemed he weighed less than a year ago…but that smile. I can't even begin to describe how precious it was to see it again. We took him to the Doctor and then I had the privilege of talking Moses to his new home. He was welcomed with open arms by Augusta and Daniel who will love on him and introduce him to all his new brothers and sisters. Betty, one of the girls who knew Moses and has not seen him since last October, perfectly expressed what I was feeling. She gave the loudest shout when she saw him and then burst into tears as she scooped him up and sobbed as she held him. It was a joyous reunion!
Lucy will be staying at the hospital for several days. She is severely malnourished and in need of extra care. We had a picture album of her with pictures of her and Tina and her sponsors and she smiled and laughed as she looked at every picture. She recognized herself and I think she might have even recognized the others. What a privilege it was to be with her today.
I have included some pictures. These are the children that we are here to help…the ones that no one else will. They are the most vulnerable of the orphan because they can do nothing to care for themselves and no one will help them because they "are not normal". Osseh came back with a picture of another girl, Mary, who is in the same state of neglect as Lucy and Moses. I desperately want to figure out a way to welcome Mary into our home as well. I am praying that God will call more organizations and people here that will care for the special needs children well, because we cannot take them all…but we can save ONE…today it was TWO more---which puts the grand total at 83! Tomorrow we might add 6 or 7 more. Holy Moly!


  1. Thank you for what you are doing. Praise Him!

  2. Cari...I am sooo excited! What a miracle today! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!!!!

  3. What a blessing and a miracle. God does hear and answer in his perfect timing. Continue to fight the fight and run the race he has marked out for you! Trusting in and asking for his faithful and abundant provision! Love and miss you tons!